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QuakeNet: How to request Q bot?


If you like being on IRC then you may also want to have your own channel. If so it is worth to have always someone there. This "person" can actually be a bot named Q. This post will cover requesting Q on server.

First step is to register yourself on QuakeNet:
/msg Q HELLO youremail@address youremail@address

You should get your password on the given e-mail address. Then you can authorize:
/msg AUTH username password

It is also good to change your generated password:
/msg NEWPASS oldpassword newpassword newpassword

Next you will just need to join an empty channel so you will have OP status there. Then please invite at least three other users to your channel so including yourself channel should have at least 4 people. You should not give them operator status at that point.

You can start to request Q every 15-20 minutes:
/msg R REQUESTBOT #channel
/msg Q REQUESTBOT #channel

Make sure users are still there but at least noone needs to talk :)

It may take from up to few hours to finally get that BOT.

Once everything is OK, Q will finally send you "congratulation" message and he should join your channel.

When you got it make sure your channel is "alive" which means do not leave it empty for too long time. Otherwise Q will get bored and he will just leave the channel :)