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VPN Nortel via vpnc on Ubuntu

You may want to use VPN Nortel connection via vpnc client on Ubuntu. The default version does not support it - I mean it does not allow you to use PIN-token authentication mode.

However there is a workaround!
First you will need to checkout the vpnc-nortel sources directly from the SVN repo. It would be good to have subversion and vpnc dependencies before so please run:
sudo apt-get install build-essential subversion

sudo apt-get build-dep vpnc

Then to checkout from SVN:

svn co -r 517

This will get the revision 517 which is the latest at the time of writing this post.

One minor step before building the sources is to edit the Makefile and set the PREFIX var to be /usr

Now you can build the sources:
sudo make install

From now on you should be able to use it to connect via PIN-token authentication. Settings are stored in the /etc/vpnc where you can set default configuration by editing default.conf file. For example:

IPSec gateway <gateway_address>
IPSec ID <group_username_or_id>
IPSec secret <user_password>
Vendor nortel
Nortel Client ID V05_01
IKE Authmode PIN-token
Xauth username <auth_username>
Xauth PIN <pin>

To connect just run: sudo vpnc

To disconnect: sudo vpnc-disconnect

This is it. Cheers!